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Print and share this planning guide with family, friends and your funeral director as you finalize your plans.

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Make Your Family’s Funeral Uniquely Yours

Make It Uniquely YoursCreate a funeral that captures the personality of the person who died. If he was zany, don’t be afraid to use humor. If she was affectionate, have everyone stand up and hug the person next to them during the ceremony.

Be creative as you, together with your family, friends, funeral director and the person who will lead the service, brainstorm how to remember and honor the person who died.

You may want to create a list to help you capture important details as you personalize the funeral. The following will help you get started:

  • Attributes or passions of the person who died that we want to be sure to honor
  • Memories to share
  • Important people to include
  • Person to lead the ceremony
  • Others who might want to speak or share memories
  • Music ideas for the visitation and ceremony
  • Readings for the ceremony

Honorary Roles at the Funeral

Consider including those who loved the deceased by asking them to be a part of the ceremony. You will want to choose pallbearers (usually 6), honorary pallbearers, ushers, readers, and the singer or musicians.

Personal items to display at the visitation and/or the gathering afterwards

These items could include photos, collections, hobby paraphernalia, artwork and many other objects that tangibly depict the life of the person who died. Any item that is meaningful and appropriate for display should be considered.